Fomes Fomentarius fungus for sale

I have Tinder Fungus for sale (Fomes Fomentarius).

Amadou bag

I uploaded some pics with amadou bags handmade and 100% natural material, made of mushroom amadou (Fomes Fomentarius).
These bags are for sale, but you can order more bags for sale made of amadou, and you can order amadou  for sale too.

 Amadou bag KorondAmadou bag Korond

Amadou sheets for sale Transilvania

I have cleaned amadou for sale. The amadou is ready to start fire or to make products from it. It’s very good quality, it is prepared from Tinder Fungus (Horse Hoof Fungus, Fomes Fomentarius)
I guarantee that they are not chemically treated.
My e-mail adress:

Amadou products for sale made of Fomes Fomentarius

I have very nice products made of amadou for sale. Please contact me by e-mail.
These products are made in Transylvania (Transsilvanien, Siebenburgen, Erdely), Korond village, by Mako Csaba.
You can find my adress here.
The amadou is prepared from Tinder Fungus (Fomes Fomentarius). It is good quality amadou.
Amadou (Fungus) hats:
amadou capamadou cap
Amadou tablecloths:
Amadou tablecloth