About Amadou - Fomes Fomentarius

amadou sheets
Amadou sheets

The amadou is won out of one layer of the beech tinder or Fomes Fomentarius or Horse Hoof fungus. It has a smooth touch, similar to leather and velvet.
It can be one of the main materials of the vegan clothing.

The history of the amadou:
The fungus itself has been used for centuries for ember storing.
When the head of the family had to go on a longer trip, it was necessary for his wife to make fire easily. For this reason the tinder fungus had to be cooked being set to fire after it had been dried. The glowing tinder fungus buried in earth was able to keep ember for days, even for weeks. If the wife had to make fire, she unearthed the fungus and she could easily make fire by using a glowing fungus piece.

The amadou layer was used as sticking plaster obviously until inventing sticking plaster.
The horse hoof fungus or Fomes Fomentarius has a disinfecting, anti-inflamatory effect accelerating blood coagulation according to popular traditions.
Hats made out of amadou have headache attenuating effect and it is considered to heat our head in winter and to cool it in summer.

The amadou nowadays:
Fishermen use the amadou for drying artificial fly as it has an excellent water absorbing effect as it is soft and easy, does not deteriorate the artificial fly.

We make from amadou hats, caps, bags, table cloths, fridge magnets and we also sell the amadou sheets itself.

The amadou can be used even for setting fire as it is extremely flammable. Long time ago it was lighted with flint.

The amadou is on sale in great quantities. It is good quality product. It is excellent for preparing extracts, tea and powders.

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